Thursday 23 November 2017

Paul "Mad Dog" Williams. RIP

When someone passes, the finality is very stark. 
You'll never see that person again, laugh with them, reminisce, see all those little nuances that made them, them. 
All those times you spent together are now only with you.
Mag Dog was, as you may gather a bit of a lose cannon.
A bit of a dichotomy. A vegetarian, animal loving, outspoken, hellraiser.
Cancer finally got the better of him last week. He'd battled it for six years.
Dog taught me a shedload about fabrication. We built my Harley together and a fair few of my lights.
He's was super talented, funny, stubborn, outspoken and introduced me not only to the core hot rod scene but to a lot of good people too. Like many people gone, theres now just an empty space filled with nothing but memories. I really miss him.
Ride in peace brother.

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