Monday 17 September 2018


Adam my friend. You were a funny, intelligent, cultured, gentle soul. A great friend, father, husband and passionate cyclist. You suffered for so long but always had a smile on your face with the best teeth in the land. May you rest easy now out of pain. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have you in my world. I’ll fucking miss you. Love you man. X 

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Few Changes.....

I've never owned any vehicle that I haven't modified in some way. For me it's as much about changing and messing about with the things as it is about riding them. I mean what's the point in buying a ready made vehicle that thousands of others own too. Fuck that. Anyhow, I digress.
Lowered, bars fabricated, new fender, headlamp an 50's tins, seat moved, blah.
Makes the thing mine. Individuality. No idea why its so important to me but it is!
End of the day it looks a whole lot better and makes it mine right?

Thursday 23 November 2017

Paul "Mad Dog" Williams. RIP

When someone passes, the finality is very stark. 
You'll never see that person again, laugh with them, reminisce, see all those little nuances that made them, them. 
All those times you spent together are now only with you.
Mag Dog was, as you may gather a bit of a lose cannon.
A bit of a dichotomy. A vegetarian, animal loving, outspoken, hellraiser.
Cancer finally got the better of him last week. He'd battled it for six years.
Dog taught me a shedload about fabrication. We built my Harley together and a fair few of my lights.
He's was super talented, funny, stubborn, outspoken and introduced me not only to the core hot rod scene but to a lot of good people too. Like many people gone, theres now just an empty space filled with nothing but memories. I really miss him.
Ride in peace brother.

Friday 11 August 2017


Pop up cafe in MUTT Motorcycles HQ looked rad.
Host is looking old.
Can't have it all!

Friday 4 August 2017

Crocker&Woods 'Orse box.

Built this over the winter as a second wagon and as it turns out it's become number one. 
Small but so much easier to set up and break down than the other one.
Started as a green horesebox full of hay, now its better equipped than my cafe ever was!
I love it. 

Thursday 20 July 2017

Mutt, Monday MoCo, Break Fluid HQ Opening Party

BFCC Pop up cafe in Mutt Motorcycles and Monday MoCo's new HQ in Birmingham.
Opening party was rad.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Sequel to possibly my most watched film of all time.
Right director. Deckard is back. Music is right too.
I fucking pray its good.
Can't wait.

Friday 16 June 2017

Grenfell tower. Ishmahil Blagrove

This completely preventable tragedy is disgusting. Whole families burned alive because of cost cutting and decisions based upon budgets and vanity instead of human safety. £millions spent on a flammable facade but no fire suppression system or alarms fitted. Its pretty obvious the "refurbishment" was mosty done to placate the rich who look at it not serve the poor who live in it. Surely in this day and age you build things that are fire proof?? Fuck, even my sofa is fire proof.

My thoughts and love go out to the families and friends of those who needlessly lost their lives.
I pray the enquiry is unbiased and those responsible are hung out to dry or even hung, drawn and quartered to be honest.

Anyway. This guy. Ishmail Blagrove. Strong, articulate, passionate, educated. A longtime resident at speakers corner, he's well versed, but none the less he makes some very good points. Confrontational yes but you can't argue with the truth.

Thursday 27 April 2017

Long time...

Used to be on this thing every day. 2012 onwards. Long time ago, galaxy far and all that. Then Instagram came and the blog went out of fashion for many. Looking back through blogs I followed, most end mid 2014. Shame really cos this thing was a bit of a community, way more considered than IG and a lot of fun. Was kinda therapeutic, a message board and form of communication occasionally and sort of diary like. Gonna continue to update it. Not religiously but now and again. Good to look back and see what was what. Anyhow. Here's whats happening at this particular moment in time.