Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Iggy Pop...

I've been lucky enough to have shot Iggy and the Stooges on a couple of occasions.
Iggy wears no top as you know but also refuses to wear any passes or I.D
Now for you an I it's pretty fucking simple eh. 
I.D??? Look at me..........I'm Iggy Pop.
However if you are a fat ignoramous with a walkie talkie and a hi-vis, you ain't gonna let the man on stage. Soooo the powers that be at one gig gathered all security together and gave out this photocopy with the explicit instruction to let the man in the picture do and go where he likes.
I stole one.


  1. Fucking security twats . . . classic mate, and what a glorious mugshot of Mr Osterberg.

    1. haha...don't worry about the dude who looks like "beef jerkey"...he's "with the band"...