Friday, 26 October 2012

Crocker & Woods, Light/art/ coffee shop, Frome.

After a year of talking about it, it looks like it's finally happening.
Crocker and Woods is my new shop.
Its a new gallery/ light shop / coffee shop / hangout on Catherines Hill Frome.
Call it what you will. 
Expect amazing coffee from Roundhill Roastery.
Photographic prints & lighting from yours truly.
Art from Max Grundy, Paul Barrow, Adi Gilbert and Craig Driscoll.
Light reading from Mens File, Dice and Greasy Culture.
Oh and those Mexican blanket and selvedge denim cushions are from Woodage and Assembly.
Opening 10th November.
Catherine Hill Frome UK.


  1. Frantically trying to buy a bike in the South West so i have an excuse to call in ! Best of luck with the venture.

  2. Congrats Woody, perhaps some more revealing shots to satisfy those of us who can't just drop in . . . good luck mate.