Thursday, 7 June 2012


Was talking to someone the other day about the importance of self. Not self "ish" you understand but self. I mean after all, ourselves are all we ever truly have or truly know right?!
Getting to know myself and what I need has been so far a 42 year journey. Right now the "need" is way more important than the "want". It's that heart over head thing again.
If I truly know myself, I'll know what I need right?
An if I have my needs met I'll be happy........that's the plan right?
Right now I know I "need" a few things in my life to be truly happy.
The first an foremost is simplicity above all else, complications do my swede in. Right now I'm clearing out a lot of possessions and clothes that I really don't need or want. Right now there's a lot of shit on eGay or going to charity or just getting skipped. Less is more. The easier I can make my own life, the better.The less clutter the better. Possessions are nice but they do not maketh the man.

Second is to be loved and to love. That's by one special individual and by my friends. For me. You know, the idiosyncrasies (of which I possess quite a few!) are the very things that make us all special, the very things that make us different, the bad as well as the good, the rough as well as the smooth. It's always made me smile when people moan about crows feet, a fat ass or the fact that they're flawed in some way. Those are the very things that we find endearing aren't they? The little noises someone makes, the funny expressions on someones face, their vulnerability, funny habits, bad habits even........makes a person special and not just a face in a crowd. I'm a quirky fucker. I like other quirky fuckers. Only a quirky fucker is ever gonna get me. An getting each other is the key. Connection. If you ain't got it you're fucked.  That's just that.

Third is comfort. That means warmth firstly. I have to be warm. No fucking compromises. Heating up or sun out. Don't do cold and when I am cold I'm miserable! Hot baths, heating on and sun through the window. Yes! Good bed, good cotton linen and a fucking warm quilt. Necessities!
Sofa........gotta be good..........comfy as hell. Don't even need a three piece. Just one.
Long enough to lay on an watch TV. Home.......I need a base. A nest, a cave!! Somewhere to be secure safe, happy, content. I'm a homebird really. Home is where the heart is. I think food comes into comfort! I fucking love good food and it's important to me. Taurean.......warm, safe, love, comfy and good food and drink. Just don't poke the bull.
The End!

Fourth is a purpose in life. Doesn't have to be huge. I love a project. It may be to make a light or build a motorcycle, it may be to teach a child how to tell the time or ride a bike, it may be to build a business, fuck it may be to slay a giant or even just to get up in the morning. Who fucking knows, but setting goals and achieving them is something that makes it all worth while. Hopefully that purpose will bring money too. I never do anything just for money and I'm not solely money motivated by anything..........however, I like money and I like spending it! The best things in life are free but the best cars, mosikkles, clothes and houses ain't.......

Fifth, is my health. To eat well, to keep fit and to keep healthy. Mentally, spiritually and bodily. To keep my mind free of things that bog it down. Gym is good for me. Strength is good. Gym and cycling. Always feel much more Woodage with big shoulders, strong arms and aching legs! No ego in that, (well maybe a bit!)  I'm just a man. Gotta be strong eh! Gotta protect the entrance to the cave ain't we!?

Sixth........MUSIC.........Fuck, music. Zeppelin, rock an roll, heavy, acoustic,Massive Attack, classical....way to many to be selective. It's the soundtrack to my life. I wouldn't spend a day without it. Music is the language of the soul they say.......whoever the fuck "they" are.

Seventh.......LAUGHTER........irrelevent, funny, rude, outrageous.......fuck the more outrageous the better.........just not mean. Don't like mean! Never laugh at someone elses expense..........unless they are in on it............or out of the room!! Haha!!

OK, so.........if all the above are taken care of, I should be happy right???

Well.......I also like a shitload of other things...........and they are ALL important to me! Cars, bikes, sex......fuck I forgot sex.........., animals.....fuck I forgot animals...........damn I think maybe I'm more complicated than I first thought!

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  1. Now that, that's what I imagined a Woodage to be when I very first came here, and that, wot you writ just then, is why I came back !!! Fucking ace mate, hook in, sink or swim, just begin !!! Champion Chris !!!