Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bobber shakedown run...

Bike is now back at home.
Bout time. Did a shakedown run of about five miles today.
Just gotta fit a front brake (Fun riding without one!)
Few split pins and R- Clips in a few holes. Bit of thread lock on a few bolts.
Air cleaner needs nickel plating. Couple of bits powder coating.
Better be finished as it's coming with me on tour with the Wall.
Set off to Race61, Berlin, Germany on the 21st then we go straight to Le Mans classic.
Not back in the UK till the 13th of July.
Will it come home with me?!
Depends how many euros someone waves in front of my boat.


  1. Love those pipes playing the angles against the chain mate, sweet. Good luck with bike, gig and Euros.