Monday, 28 May 2012

X100 arrived.....

Box in the post. X100 inside.
I'm not a geek so don't expect a review.
First impressions though......
It's fucking small compared to my DSLR's with boosters and "L" glass attached.
It's light as hell....see above.
Firmware was a nightmare. Updated it this arvo to 1.3
Everything seems a bit faster now, specially the autofocus.
It's a quirky bastard of a thing!
I'm getting used to it now though.
Canon is pretty intuitive. Fuji is a bit all over the gaff.
It's sharp as a tack. Maybe sharper than my "L" zooms. Yea really.
I like.
It's gonna be fun traveling so light but able to shoot such quality images.
Let the games begin....

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