Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fuck fear.

This year I've been following my heart. Fuck what my head says. Follow my gut. Stop thinking and feel. Somehow your heart knows exactly what you need before your head fucks things up.
My head is full of "What if's", fears and indecision.
My heart contains my hopes, dreams and knows what I need.
For 42 years I followed my head. It overruled my heart every time.
I listened and took other peoples advice when actually I knew what I needed all along I just failed to trust my gut instinct.
Settled for crumbs when what I wanted was a big cake, with a cherry on top.
It made me unhappy. Not miserable, but that constant sense of unease.
That feeling that something just isn't right. 
It's constant and very subtle but it's there.
Fuck being unhappy.
Follow your heart and you might just get what you always dreamed of.
Face the fear.
Have faith.


  1. Very good . . . now your talking !!!

  2. well follow your own advice!